Hyundai Dealer Near Willingboro NJ

Looking for a Hyundai Dealer near Willingboro New Jersey? Look no further than Hyundai City Burlington New Jersey.

Because a wide variety of Hyundai dealerships are located in the area around Willingboro, NJ, you may ask why satisfied Elantra owners are returning from Burlington. For the price of a quick road trip, you are rewarded with huge savings.

At Hyundai City, you can see the most vehicles in a single location and test drive a new Hyundai Elantra or Sonata. To make sure you get the right car for your family's daily commutes, you can ask the knowledgeable sales team for more information. For pre-owned cars and trucks, the dealership stocks an excellent inventory and is always updating its selection. Arranging low monthly payments is another feature that Hyundai City offers, and you can choose from low-interest loans or affordable leases. The loan-application process is also incredibly easy and is facilitated by the on-site lenders.

When you think about Willingboro, NJ, you may see the area that was devastated by the architectural plans of Abraham Levitt and Sons. The town was made along the lines of the firm's Levittown model and is a perfect example of urban sprawl. While the residents were damaged by the planning of Levitt and his sons, many overcame their environment and created a livable community that makes an ideal home for families. The caring staff at Hyundai City also recognizes the problems that are associated with burning fossil fuel and strives to give residents the most efficient means of transportation. Because global warming and Hurricane Sandy have threatened New Jersey residents, the caring staff at Hyundai City will continue to help the community rebuild and ensure they have fuel-efficient vehicles.

Driving Directions from Willingboro New Jersey to Burlington New Jersey

Driving from Willingboro, NJ to the friendly Hyundai City dealership only takes around seven minutes, and the quick road trip requires 2.6 miles of travel. The drive starts northeast on Middlebury Lane toward Melville Lane. Drive for 0.1 miles, turn right onto Melville Lane, and continue for 164 feet. When you reach JFK Way, make a left and continue for 1.0 miles. At Van Sciver Parkway, make a left and drive for 1.3 miles. Turn left at US-130 South and drive for 0.2 miles. At this time, you will easily see Hyundai City on the right.